Rolla, Missouri Foundation Settlement Repair

It doesn't matter whether you think the problem is that significant or not - you still need to get a settlement problem fixed fast. The longer you put this repair work off, the more expensive the job will be. We can take care of problems with wall or floor cracks, sinking slabs, foundation settlement, bowed walls, and more.

Being in good standing with the BBB, you can rest assured that true Dry Basement® professionals will be working in your family's home. We know that you might not give much thought to the base of your home, but you really should. This is the structure that holds up the weight of your entire home! This being said, it's crucial that you get your foundation problems taken care of immediately so that your home's structural integrity isn't jeopardized.


HouseHolder® Foundation Pier System for Sinking Homes

This system can be used to take care of sinking homes. These piers are installed deep within stable load-bearing strata around your home. Over time, the weight of your home will be shifted off of the weakening foundation and onto the piers themselves. This will eventually help to push your home back into its level position.

Wall Shield® Foundation Wall Crack Repair

As a result of wall movement or settling, you could have interior or exterior wall cracks may form. The system will stabilize your basement walls and seal them off so that moisture can't get inside and cause additional problems for this area of your family's home.

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