Springfield, Missouri Bowing Basement Wall Repair

Noticing a bowing wall in your home can certainly shock or frighten you. This wall is a result of hydrostatic pressure from too much water in the soil surrounding your home. While you may be worried that total wall replacement is the only option, this is no longer the case. With all of the innovations in the repair industry, we can now provide homeowners with dependable wall anchors to take care of the situation.

As soon as you notice the wall leaning inside, you need to give us a call. The longer you wait, the more likely it becomes that the wall will actually collapse in on itself! Needless to say, this is surely not something that you want to deal with, and it could be potentially really expensive to repair.

Wall Anchors Fix Leaning Walls

Wall Anchor System

Dry Basement® structural engineers will help you to get the best solution for this structural problem. Installation starts with the anchors being set up in stable soils next to the bowing wall. Next, a wall plate is installed on the leaning wall inside the home. The plate and anchor are attached to each other with a metal rod. Over time, this rod can be tightened to provide enough pressure to push the wall back to where it needs to be. We guarantee that we will be able to fix even the most serious bowed walls. Our system is known as the HouseHolder® Anchor System, and thousands have been installed all over KS.

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