Basement Waterproofing Mid-Missouri

If you have a wet basement, then you need to get the problem taken care of ASAP before additional damage is done. Not only will moisture in this area of your Missouri home stain the walls, floors, and ceiling, it can also lead to the growth of nasty mold and bacteria which could make your loved ones very sick. This moisture will also destroy anything that you have stored here. There are waterproofing systems and products sold at local hardware stores, but they are nowhere near as effective as what we can provide for you. Dry Basement® Foundation Repair provides basement waterproofing services all over the state of MO including Columbia, Jefferson City, Rolla, Moberly, Springfield, Kirksville, Fulton, Mexico, Marshall, Joplin, Sedalia.

When you call us with a seepage problem, we can come to your home, determine how and why water is able to get inside, and then recommend the best product to take care of the problem for good. Often times, water is able to get into a home over the top of the foundation, through wall or floor cracks, through the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor), or through leaking window wells. We will be able to easily pinpoint the cause for you and put a stop to the water damage and mold growth.

Take a look below to learn more about the systems that we offer:

NoWater System® Waterproofing System

Waterproofing System

The patented NoWater System® handles removing water from your basement walls and underneath the floor through the use of special drains and a sump pump. This system is guaranteed to remove all water from underneath your home so that it can't collect in puddles on the floor and cause staining and mold growth. Here's how it works: the Bullet Track® sends water from the cove joint, below the basement floor, and sends it into the special "gutter" system that mimics a trench. The gutter is able to filter out dirt and debris, and the water is then sent to a sump pump where it will be pushed a safe distance away from your home to a location where it won't be able to seep back into the soil and into your home again.

Surface Drain Waterproofing System

Surface Drain

The Surface Drain stops water from getting into your home via basement doors, steps, garages, and so on. It has a grade which intercepts any water trying to get inside your home through any type of concrete surface. The built-up water will be drained away via the NoWater System®, or the DualPumpPack®. This system will also be able to protect your family against Radon gas which may try to make its way into your basement through the soil below. Radon gas is very dangerous and is the #1 cause of lung cancer in people who don't smoke - so as you can see, it's important to protect your home from it.

FreezeShield® Basement Waterproofing System


Our FreezeShield® Basement Waterproofing System protects the DualPumpPack® System from failure in case the discharge line gets frozen due to winter weather, or from something clogging it up. It will open up a temporary bypass for the water until the ice has melted or the clog is safely removed. The water flow is then automatically switched back to its regular discharge route. The FreezeShied® Basement Waterproofing System is an insulated, automatic switch, meaning you don't need to worry about turning anything on or off on your own.

DualPumpPack® Sump Pump System

Pump Works System

Our DualPumpPack® is a patent-pending design that is built from 2 cast iron, durable AC pumps. If the primary pump stops working for whatever reason, the other pump will kick in on its own. This take-over process will set off an alarm to let you know the primary pump stopped working and is going to need attention from our waterproofing company.

DualPumpPack® Plus Sump Pump System

Pump Works

Together with the two AC pumps, the DualPumpPack® Plus Basement Waterproofing System comes with a DC battery back-up pump. This pump takes over on its own if the power goes out for whatever reason. It pumps the same amount of water as either the primary or secondary pump. A fully charged extended battery has enough power to pump up to 11,000 gallons of water until the battery is completely dead. When the power is back, the primary pump will start working like normal again. The battery will then automatically start to charge itself again so it can be used when needed.

DualPumpPack® Heavy Duty Sump Pump System

Pump Works Heavy Duty

In certain situations where there is an abundant amount of moisture in a basement environment, we suggest having us put in the DualPumpPack® Heavy Duty Sump Pump System. It features of a 1/2 HP and a 1/2 HP AC pump with unique discharge lines. This pump configuration is able to pump almost 3x as much water as the DualPumpPack® system.